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Stanislaus FRC Services

The Farmworker Resource Program is dedicated to assisting unemployed and underemployed farmworkers by providing referrals and supportive services. As part of its mission, the program offers emergency services to address immediate needs. These services include:


  • Rental Assistance: Providing financial aid to help farmworkers afford housing costs and avoid eviction or homelessness.

  • Emergency Food: Distributing food supplies or vouchers to ensure farmworkers have access to nutritious meals during times of need.

  • Temporary Shelter: Offering temporary shelter arrangements for farmworkers facing homelessness.

  • Utility Assistance: Providing support to cover utility bills such as electricity, water, or heating expenses, helping farmworkers maintain basic living conditions.

  • Car Repairs: Assisting with repair costs for farmworkers' vehicles, enabling them to maintain transportation for work, errands, and emergencies.

  • Licensing and Fees: Helping farmworkers cover expenses related to renewing their car registration. 

These emergency services aim to alleviate immediate financial burdens and provide stability for farmworkers, enabling them to focus on securing sustainable employment and improving their overall well-being.


Modesto Office

Address: 1801 H St Suite A4, Modesto, CA 95354

Telephone number: (209) 577-3210

Patterson Office

Address: 40 N 3rd St, Patterson CA 95363

Telephone Number: (209) 695-3050

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