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Energy Assistance


Home Weatherization


The program provides installation of energy conservation devices, carbon monoxide safety checks, guidance on conserving energy, and minor home repairs. This service is provided to homeowners and renters. To be eligible for services customers must be at or below 150% of the Poverty Guidelines, own, or rent a home in Stanislaus County and be a documented resident. Please call 209-541-0496 to schedule an appointment, or we can contact you.





Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)


HEAP provides one payment per year to utility companies for low-income persons. Customers may apply for the assistance through CVOC who will complete the application, determine customer eligibility and the amount of payment to be made to the utility company based on the guidelines provided by the State. The applications are submitted to the State who makes payments to the utility companies. Payments are credited to the customer’s utility account. To be eligible for HEAP Customer’s income must be at or below 130% of the Poverty Level as published each year in the Federal Register. Customers must reside in Stanislaus County and must be documented residents. Please call 209-338-0004 to schedule an appointment, or we can contact you.






Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP)



ECIP provides one payment per year to utility companies for low-income customers that have received a 48-Hour Shut Off Notice or, if a senior citizen or disabled person, have received a 15-Day Shut Off Notice. This program also provides assistance to customers in obtaining propane and firewood for heating and repair or replacement of heating sources. Eligibility for ECIP is the same as it is for HEAP, except a 48-Hour or 15 Day Shut Off Notice from the Utility Company that must have been received by the client prior to application. Please call 209-537-9217 for more information, or we can contact you.

















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