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Success Stories





Trinidad Higareda came in requesting information on CVOC Solar Photovoltaic Installer program in April 2014; she was referred by her sister who saw this program as a good opportunity for Trinidad. 

Trinidad was introduced to field work at an early age, during the summer her parents, siblings and her would do seasonal farm labor and worked in many fields in the area. Trinidad knew college was a long ways for her because she needed to help her parents with the house expenses. After working over six seasons for various farm labor contractors, Trinidad knew that field work would not provide as much financial assistance as she wanted for her family’s financial needs. 

Trinidad looked around for options, and finally decided to do her research on CVOC. She looked into the Solar Panel Installer program.  Knowing that it was in high demand she decided to give it a try. She put together all of the required documentation and started the process for enrollment under the Title 1 DLW program. On April 21, 2014, Trinidad started the program with much enthusiasm and put maximum effort towards the training.  She was always on time and attempted to learn as much as she could in order to be prepared for the workforce. 

She successfully completed training and volunteered her time to help new students. Eight weeks later she started working with Aerotek in Merced, CA, earning $12.00/hr as a Solar Installer.  After eight months, the company promoted her to crew leader with $16.00/hr plus health benefits.  She didn’t stop there.  After proving herself on the job, an Aerotek partner, Konsito, hired her on to work for them in Colorado.  She’s still there to this day earning $16.00/hr plus benefits.  She’s doing what she enjoys and is now able to assist her parents financially thanks to the services and training she received from CVOC and Title 1 DLW program. 

By: Maria Romero, Case Manager/Job Developer


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